The Nordregio project team for SEMPRE: Anna Berlina and Gustaf Norlén / © Liisa Perjo

Who we are

NORDREGIO is an independent research centre, established in 1997 by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The geographical focus is on the Nordic and neighbouring countries as well as the EU Member States. The Institute is specialized in international comparative and collaborative research and carries out qualitative and quantitative analyses on many different geographic scales. Nordregio's main areas of research include regional development - urban and rural, city regional planning, demography, governance and gender, innovation and green growth, and sustainable development in the Arctic.

Why we are involved in SEMPRE

The project is highly relevant to our areas of research, particularly in connection with activities of the Nordic Working Group on Demography and Welfare set by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordregio acts as a secretariat for the Working Group, producing knowledge and exchanging experiences regarding the challenges and opportunities induced by the current demographic shifts and labour-market related changes in Nordic regions and municipalities. In one of our projects we are investigating how social innovation can be used to address issues relating to difficulties in social and welfare services provision in rural areas in the Nordic countries in a way which simultaneously strengthens the capacity of the communities to prosper. The project ends in 2016 but we are hoping to continue working on this topic beyond 2016. In this connection, many linkages with SEMPRE project can be found.
We have decided to join the SEMPRE partnership to get inspiration, share experience and acquire knowledge on the innovative ways of social services provision in rural areas, and related challenges and opportunities. We hope to apply this knowledge in our work and provide new insights to the policymaking community.

What will be the most important result of SEMPRE?

Building capacity for innovation among the practitioners and end-users
Stockholm, Sweden

Anna Berlina

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Translations of Policy Recommendations available

Published: 2019-12-02
We have translated the SEMPRE Policy Recommendations "Towards Innovative Social Service Provision in the Baltic Sea Region" to German, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. You can find and download the different language versions here.

We're not done yet: SEMPRE Accelerators is starting!

Published: 2019-09-01
Shortly after the SEMPRE project reached the end of its three-year lifetime, the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme approved our application for an extension stage project: "SEMPRE Accelerators for Service Co-Creation". The project is starting now and will run until 2021.

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