Here you will find resources such as tools, templates and documents related to the Organisational Roadmap.

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Final transnational meeting in Hamburg concludes SEMPRE project... for the time being

Published: 2019-01-31
SEMPRE partners have met for the finalisation of the project on 23 and 24 January 2019 in the Ecomenical Forum HafenCity in Hamburg, Germany. An emotional good-bye feedback round as well as some last work session to finalise the remaining outputs and succesfully close the project were all part of this last SEMPRE meeting.

Dissemination Event in Szczecin to transfer SEMPRE Empowerment concepts to Poland

Published: 2019-01-15

On 25 February 2019 the SEMPRE project has been hosted by the Laznia Cooperative (4C Centrum Ekonomii Spotecznej/Kooperatywa Laźnia) in Szczecin, Poland. Thereby the SEMPRE concepts and tools for Empowerment were presented to an audience of social workers, scientiests, and representatives from public authorities and regional development agencies.

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