Sunderby Folk High School

Sunderby Folk High School

”Gammelgården” in Sunderby, Sweden / © Sunderby Folk High School

Who we are

Sunderby Folk high school offers courses for adults from the age of 18. The school is owned by three organizations in the labor movement. We are free to shape our activities on our own. The length of the courses varies from a few days up to several years. The long-term courses are generally 1-3 years, some of them qualify participants for university studies. We have a special art course and have a project organization to be able to handle different kinds of projects. We cooperate with the local society in order to help people to get a job. Five social enterprises have started with our help.

Why we are involved in SEMPRE

Since 1996 Sunderby Folk High school have educated people who are in need of education and support to get a job. We know that everyone can contribute to the growth of the society under the right circumstances. We believe that if we allow everyone to work 100 percent of his/hers ability, one hour per week or 40 hours, it would make a difference. We hope that we together in SEMPRE can develop empowerment tools for our end users and give the stakeholders better instruments to support them in their efforts. We hope that SEMPRE is an icebreaker and that we can learn a lot from each other.

What will be the most important result of SEMPRE?

We want to develop new ways, by support from our partners in SEMPRE, together with local authorities and local organizations, to find the end users and to validate their skills in order to make them ready for the labor market or further education.

Whom we are working with

Together with Coompanion we will cooperate in one Regional Coordination Group where we will meet representatives from the regional authorities and NGO:s. In the Local Empowerment Network (LEN) we will cooperate with the local Employment Agency, the Bureau of Social Insurance, local NGO:s and the municipalities of Luleå and Boden. Our end user group is young people in lack of education and work in risk of becoming long-term unemployed. Many of them are suffering from disabilities, diagnosed or not diagnosed. They are living in the rural areas in the municipalities of Luleå and Boden.
The challenge is to find ways for those who are unemployed and inactive with low self-esteem to get the strength to find a job or an education where the end user groups are deeply involved and the stakeholders have instruments to support them.
Sunderby Folk High School
Sunderby folkhögskola
Södra Sunderbyn, Sweden

Lena Kandelin

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Translations of Policy Recommendations available

Published: 2019-12-02
We have translated the SEMPRE Policy Recommendations "Towards Innovative Social Service Provision in the Baltic Sea Region" to German, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. You can find and download the different language versions here.

We're not done yet: SEMPRE Accelerators is starting!

Published: 2019-09-01
Shortly after the SEMPRE project reached the end of its three-year lifetime, the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme approved our application for an extension stage project: "SEMPRE Accelerators for Service Co-Creation". The project is starting now and will run until 2021.

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