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Dissemination Event in Szczecin to transfer SEMPRE Empowerment concepts to Poland

Published: 2019-01-15
Dissemination Event in Szczecin to transfer SEMPRE Empowerment concepts to Poland

On 25 February 2019 the SEMPRE project has been hosted by the Laznia Cooperative (4C Centrum Ekonomii Spotecznej/Kooperatywa Laźnia) in Szczecin, Poland. Thereby the SEMPRE concepts and tools for Empowerment were presented to an audience of social workers, scientiests, and representatives from public authorities and regional development agencies.



The workshop was conducted in the frame of disseminating the results of the SEMPRE project to Poland and was faciliated by Doris Scheer of the Diaconia Schleswig-Holstein (lead partner of SEMPRE), Krzysztof Musiatowicz from the Laznia Cooperative and Hans Mewes from CIVICON. It included a presentation of the conceptual base and methodology of the SEMPRE project, which is derived from the ideas of Empowerment, user-participation and co-creation of social services. Furthermore, the outputs of SEMPRE including the Empowerment Handbook, the Guidebook for Trainers and the Organisational Roadmap were explained and discussed. The feedback and the lively exchange of the participants, which are actively supporting the regional social entrepreunership and user-driven social services eco systems has been quite rewarding. It was revealed that activities in this domain are plentiful in the region but the demand for orientation in methodologies to further develop and stabilise social services and the support structures are high - the SEMPRE outputs are exactly meant to fill this gap, thus the dissemination of the knowledge on the different tools and concepts is crucial.


The translated version of the Empowerment Handbook into Polish can certainly help in this respect:



You can find all other outputs including translated versions of other outputs here.


Pictures: (c) Hakan Uraz

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Translations of Policy Recommendations available

Published: 2019-12-02
We have translated the SEMPRE Policy Recommendations "Towards Innovative Social Service Provision in the Baltic Sea Region" to German, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. You can find and download the different language versions here.

We're not done yet: SEMPRE Accelerators is starting!

Published: 2019-09-01
Shortly after the SEMPRE project reached the end of its three-year lifetime, the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme approved our application for an extension stage project: "SEMPRE Accelerators for Service Co-Creation". The project is starting now and will run until 2021.

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